Kadi Pajupuu

b 27.08.1963

e-mail kadi@pajupuu.com



Estonian Academy of Arts, textile art 1981-86


Assistant Professor at Tartu Art College

Designer and owner of Kadipuu oü

Selection of exhibitions

2015 Everyday's Beauty - Drei positionen, Trofejas, Berlin

2014 ornaMENTAL, Tallinn Art Hall

2011   Ordinary, Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn

2010   Lodz International Tapestry exhibition

2009   Estonian Textile art Yesterday and Today, Museum of Etnography, St Petersburg

2008   Plural Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Tallinn

2007   State of Affairs Tallinn Art Hall

2005   Textile05 Kaunas

2004   Tradition and Innovation Riga

2003   Right and Wrong Sides Kaunas, Lithuania

2003   Notes. 3-dimensional Estonian Art, Hungary

2003   Handy Thing Tallinn Art Hall

2002   Ecce Homo Tallinn Applied Art Museum

2002   Own Element Tallinn Art Hall

2002   Public offer Tallinn Applied Art Museum

2001   Face to… international textile installation at Poselli in Rauma, Finland.
Curated by Raija Jokinen 

2000   Messages to the Baltics gallery AARNI WeeGee-house Tapiola

Solo exhibitions

2013  Mõterjal/ Matterthought (with Marilyn Piirsalu), Pärnu Museum, Pärnu

2012   Puutari (with Marilyn Piirsalu), Pro Puu Galleria, Lahti, Finland

2011   Ratastroof/Bycyclops (with Marilyn Piirsalu), Loovala open studios, Tallinn

2010   Solo exhibition at Atelje Gamla Skokällan, Sweden

2009   Invent-tour Gallery of Architecture and Design, Tallinn

2008   Train Gallery SooSoo, Tallinn


Awards and grants

2016 The Best Prototype Implementation. MultiWeave, Tehnohack Tallinn

2014 Textile Artist of the year 2013

2010   Deed of the year (Adjustable reed), Estonian Textile Artists’ Association

2010   Silver medal in KIWIE Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition

2009   Award in the competition 25 most beautiful books of Estonia in year 2008

2009   EUWIIN (European Union Women Inventors and Innovators Network) special recognition

2008   Prize of Estonian Cultural Endowment 2007

2000   Grand prix in the competition Design for a tapestry into the Hall of Council of The Estonian Academy of Music (Tallinn City Government)

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