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  1. ornaMENTAL. Exhibition at Tallinn Art Hall, 2014. Part of the installation Gardens. With Marilyn Piirsalu

  2. Exhibition poster by Kadi Pajupuu

    Exhibition poster by Kadi Pajupuu


    Kadi Pajupuu (textile)

    Marilyn Piirsalu (graphic, video)

    September 27th – November 17th, 2013

    Pärnu Museum, Aida 3, Pärnu

    Our exhibition is about a Woman and a Wolf. We present them in the situations that are more or less familiar to all of us. Wolf tries to be civilized, Woman tries to act normal, although the situations she is caught with the wolf are new to her. The project started when textile artist Kadi found some drypoints of graphic artist Marilyn to be very WEAVEABLE. The story unfolds in the gallery of Pärnu Museum.

    Link: Woman and wolf

  3. Exhibition PUUTARI

    Marilyn Piirsalu, Kadi Pajupuu


    Pro Puu galleria, Lahti, Finland

  4. Poster


    Exhibition RATASTROOF / Bicyclops

    Kadi Pajupuu. Marilyn Piirsalu

    16.08 – 10.09.2011

    Loovala, Tallinn

    Making of the works in cooperation. Marilyn draws, Kadi weaves.


  5. Exhibition INVENT-TUUR

    Kadi Pajupuu

    5–18.02. 2009

    Gallery of Architecture and Design,


  6. Exhibition SOOMUSRONG (Armored train)

    Kadi Pajupuu


    Gallery SooSoo