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    Changing width while weaving

Samples woven with RailReed by Kadi Pajupuu 

by Juula Pärdi, Tartu Art College. 

SteppingReed by Kadi Pajupuu

This device enables to make waves into weft

Here you can find instructions to make your own stepping reed http://issuu.com/kadipuu/docs/steppingreed/1

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Autori Kadi Pajupuu teos pealkirjaga Stepping Reed on kaitstud litsentsiga Creative Commonsi Autorile viitamine + Mitteäriline eesmärk + Jagamine samadel tingimustel 4.0 Rahvusvaheline litsents.

My display at the conference of women inventors in Tallinn

My display at the conference of women inventors in Tallinn

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    My display at the conference of women inventors in Tallinn

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    Anu Sergo weaves beautiful interior textiles with my earlier reed. The same can be done with my new RailReed

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    Here I made use of altering the weaving width so that I could create folds in fabric

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    Adjustments of fabric width while weaving

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    Warp groups can be plaited while weaving


is my new invention that inspires weavers.


Adjustable sliding reed (RailReed) enables the user to change warp density while weaving. The device can easily be mounted on an ordinary handloom. It consists of two rails and reed modules which enable the changing of reed density while weaving.


RailReed creates new possibilities for weavers, such as

1) wavy warp lines (Anu Sergo’s woven interior textiles show the variations of this option)
2) optical effects in pattern caused by variations of warp densities
3) the creation of raised areas via controlled weft floats
4) altering fabric width without rethreading the reed
5) the use of variations in textile width as a special feature of the product, e.g. weave garment parts
6) create areas where the fabric forms folds and gatherings
7) the reed module scan be dismounted from the rail without removing the threads: this enables making twists and plaits in warp groups

... and numerous possibilities for weavers, artists and textile engineers yet to discover.

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